What’s new?

What’s new? I’ll tell you, but first I’ll say hello… You couldn’t hear that, because this is text and you’re reading it, but be assured that I did just say hello.

Latest happenings for us are that we have democratically elected our Gaffer for the project; Rachel White is to be our director. Hooray and good luck to her!

We’ve also got Sally Nix on lighting duty and Aaron Brown on sound and assistant directorial duties.

So with a team of leader types in place we have now arranged a small get together for tomorrow where we will read through the ‘Woyzeck’ text for the first time as a company and, with any luck, we’ll cast the thing.

That’s the easy bits out of the way. The hard work starts here! Huzzah!

I’m sure someone will blog again tomorrow when we’ve had our mid afternoon soiree with more information.

Until then, goodbye!


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