3 thoughts on “Shaving Scene – Scene 1

  1. Thanks guys.
    It was certainly the best we’d done it. I think perhaps Bradens nerves played a bit part in that though, but he used them and channelled it all into Woyzeck, making him appear as though his mental stability was questionable. I agree that we could slow it down some more. It’s a fun scene!

  2. Hello guys and girls. well done on your performance ! i really enjoyed watching your progress and could see that you had taken on board the constructive criticism. Your Shaving Scene had really been worked hard on and that came through in the performance. congratulations and good luck with the grades .

  3. Well done on the shaving scene that you performed in rehearsals. It was shown really well and looked very effective by actually using shaving foam and a ‘blade’. A little feedback from the scene would be to use the blade as if you were actually shaving and take your time to be as precise as you can! This will just add the little extra spark needed to make the scene perfect. Apart from that well done guys! Cannot wait to see the rest of the works in progress.

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