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Au revoir!

Greetings, Bloggers. Well, seeing as I opened our blog with a ‘general hello’ in Hello World, I think I perhaps ought to be the person to say Au revoir! Not goodbye, because it is certainly not the end for Woyzeck. We have great plans for this play. Before we go, I hope it’s clear on […]

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The Clash….

Although the Dramaturgical performance went well I too saw problems with the sound, the main being the clash between the musical score being misplaced and the use of instrumental Ukulele being played by the “grotesque” as its becoming known. I think that the sharp and unmelodic plucking was a brilliant idea for the scene of […]

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Rehearsal Pictures

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Technical Rehearsal

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Did you know..

When you type ‘Woyzeck’ into google images, some of our faces come up – from the pictures we uploaded into the biography!! Fun! =)

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