Au revoir!

Greetings, Bloggers.

Well, seeing as I opened our blog with a ‘general hello’ in Hello World, I think I perhaps ought to be the person to say Au revoir! Not goodbye, because it is certainly not the end for Woyzeck. We have great plans for this play.

Before we go, I hope it’s clear on this blog that collectively we’ve all worked hard. Not just on our characterisations, but we’ve done some serious digging into the role of dramaturgs. We’ve also learned that promenade is an effective staging point for creating an atmosphere within our piece. If we should choose to continue with this method, we certainly have our work cut out, but we could also present one hell of a chilling play!

The German military in the 1800’s was an interesting place. I suppose that’s putting it mildly for poor old Woyzeck! If we can stage the play in Lincoln Castle it would be great to give that military feel.

I think there is still more to do on the subliminal stuff with the poem If, but I know, depending on our final staging that we can get it right.

Woyzeck will return…

Captain Martyn


2 thoughts on “Au revoir!

  1. Too right Woyzeck will return mate =D

    as much as i would love to perform it on the stage in the Lpac, i’d have to agree with everyone when they say it works really really well as promenade. just the whole tension that is created when the audience follow Woyzeck’s trouble around, it might seem like they are part of the society that is pushing Woyzeck into this oblivion.
    It would be AMAZING if we could perform it somewhere like the castle but lets be realistic i very much doubt they’d give use complete freedom of the castle – that wont stop us trying though i’m sure! if we can’t perform it at the castle there are plent of things we could do else where. for instance imagine if we could find an abandond building somewhere (obvisouly a safe place where we wont get stabbed) and do it like in a strange place that wouldn’t be usually used for a performance. lets aim high for this guys!!

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