The Clash….

Although the Dramaturgical performance went well I too saw problems with the sound, the main being the clash between the musical score being misplaced and the use of instrumental Ukulele being played by the “grotesque” as its becoming known.

I think that the sharp and unmelodic plucking was a brilliant idea for the scene of the circus on the stairs and felt that it could have gone better with more technical rehearsals because I feel that this very Artaudian device may have been lost to our audience. Or possibly not? maybe the clash bombarded the audience and made them feel ill at ease. Personally I think the former but if any audience member wishes to give their point of view feel free.

Secondly I think it was a small pity that we ended up not being able to use the waltz music for the dancing due to technical difficulties but I think that by the final performance I may end up using a diffrent song anyhow.


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