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Woyzeck – The Play

This is a review on Woyzeck(dvd version) – “Woyzeck, is tormented in private by visions of the apocalypse, and tormented in public by the unbearable weight of social pressure. He descends into madness and murder. A morality play with more than a nod toward Becket and Breecht, this adaptation of Georg Buckners play once again […]

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A positive thought post!

Well Woyzeckers, I think our blog is looking pretty tip-top! Everyone has been adding some really good stuff…and its looking rather swish aswell! Tech rehearsal: Wednesday 2nd – 6pm ( I shall bring my camera! =) Remember to bring all props and costume bits. Im going to try and find a stuffed animal cat of […]

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Carry On Captain.

So, I’m playing the Captain in the shaving scene, which is a fun scene to play. As our opener for our fifteen minute Dramaturgy assessment, it is therefore important to get the characters right and set the tone for Woyzeck’s world. Victor Price tells us in the appendix to his translation of Woyzeck that in […]

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Drum major

A drum major is the leader so to speak when a marching band or parade is on the move and was originally used as another method of communication duing a time of war by using short and precice rhythms and battle signals. Sometimes drum majors were even used to apply military punishment and justice with […]

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