A positive thought post!

Well Woyzeckers,

I think our blog is looking pretty tip-top! Everyone has been adding some really good stuff…and its looking rather swish aswell!

Tech rehearsal: Wednesday 2nd – 6pm ( I shall bring my camera! =) Remember to bring all props and costume bits. Im going to try and find a stuffed animal cat of some sort tomorrow. I shall also get some chalk!!! Aha! I hopefully will have managed to borrow 3 masks, if not…I shall purchase them instead!

Anything else we need to get?

Amie =)

2 thoughts on “A positive thought post!

  1. On behalf of our company THANK YOU for your comments on the blog:

    In theatre company we will strive to make it as user friendly as possible (possibly mixing a few of the media catagories) and asthetically pleasing. At the very first chance I think we will be changing the banner art picture because it doesn’t seem to fit the style of the production altogether well.


  2. Hi guys, I agree your blog looks awesome, full of lovely information to sick ones teeth into. I’m hoping that we can get ours up to scratch, you’ve set the bar high. :] Hope your performance was a success! Can’t wait to see you refresh it in Theatre Company mode :p I will definitely try to make that one! x

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