Woyzeck – The Play

This is a review on Woyzeck(dvd version) – “Woyzeck, is tormented in private by visions of the apocalypse, and tormented in public by the unbearable weight of social pressure. He descends into madness and murder.
A morality play with more than a nod toward Becket and Breecht, this adaptation of Georg Buckners play once again has Kinski in astonishing form and Herzog showing a stark, harsh reality that exposes hidden rebellion and suffering in common man.”

http://www.thehut.com/dvd/woyzeck/72291.html?utm_source=googleprod&utm_medium=gp&utm_campaign=gp_dvd  (accessed 1st march 2011)

I think this review is pretty much what the group is looking to achieve. Not to show that Woyzeck is insane but to show that the world around him, the pressures from society is driving him to insanity. I think we show this in the performance in the doctor scene when all the characters place their chalk covered hands all over Woyzecks body. This is a way of showing that everyone is having a touch or impact on his life, something that he has no control over.

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  1. Profile photo of Aaron Brown Aaron Brown says:

    When in relation to the DVD of this play I would like to point out to our constant readers that we will aspire to get a much more emotionally unnerving version of Woyzeck produced.

    The chalk for instance could be interpreted as both the doctors examining him and leaving traces just as much as it could be that they are all the audience is allowed to see of Woyzecks inner deamons making their mark on him at last by enacting his inner madness on the world around him.


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