Hello World… again!

Hello there!

Further to the initial blog by our glorious leader Mark, I’d just like to steal his words and say ‘Hello world’ again, but this time on behalf of the group of people I am looking forward to working with on this project.

‘Woyzeck’ by the German playwright Georg Buchner is going to be performed by us, who have collectively called ourselves ‘Peas and Harmony’ somewhere in the week commencing  May 3rd 2011.

The fellow group members also a-bloggin’ on this here space will be Jimmy Morehouse, Braden Guy, Amie Connor, Kirsty Barnes, Rachel White, Sally Nix, Aaron Brown and someone else… Oh, me; Martyn Horner-Glister.

Well, that’s all by way of an introduction. Stay tuned for more updates, casting details, photos and all sorts of other digital doings as we move towards our performance!