Tech Rehearsal.

Wednesday 2nd March we had our Tech Rehearsal ready for the Dramaturgy performance on Thursday evening.  Due to the nature of our performance our tech requirements are not anything spectacular or complicated.  For the shaving scene we turn out the main lights in the LPAC and just use the small lamp lights that are on either side of the auditorium, these give us enough light for the audience to see the actors but not too much that it kills any atmosphere created by Braden and Martyn.  The shaving scene has come a long way during the course of rehearsals and now looks really good and the little touch where Woyzeck keeps the shaving blade hovering dangerously close to the Captains throat gives a good indication of Woyzeck’s possible state of mind.

The next scene in the sequence is the Showman who invites the audience up the stairs.  Again for this scene all the main lights are off and the only lighting is the small lights on the stairs themselves.  In order to create a creepy atmosphere for the circus freaks to do their thing in we plan on putting blue and green gels over these lights.  This will not only give us some interesting coloured lighting but will also hopefully make the lights not quite so bright as they are because it really doesn’t fit with the dark and creepy theme we have for the performance as a whole.  The masks we have for the circus freaks look fantastic and with the coloured lights they should look even better.

The Drum Major scene is pretty straight forward all we need for this scene is all the main lights in the corridor turned out but we leave the lights on in the corridor where the loos are, to give enough light to be able to see the characters when they get down towards the lift. 

For the final two scenes the performance moves into Studio 2.  With this being inside the studio itself we can really go to town with light effects if we want to.  We are having some muslin curtains to mask out most of the studio to create a confined and clinical space.  We are using bright lights to create a clinical feel within the scene; we are also using spot lights on Woyzeck in order to isolate him from the rest of the world.  The two spots on Woyzeck are coloured blue and green; we are using these colours to help create a surreal and distorted world for Woyzeck himself to exist in.

I think on Thursday we need to have at least one run through before the performance.  As far as costume is concerned there is few things that I need to sort out in terms of fixing small pieces of costume, but everything else seems to be in order in that department.  I’m really looking forward to our performance so all that’s left for me to say is – BRING IT ON!!!!

Rachel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tech Rehearsal.

  1. I agree with you Aaron it finally started to feel far more real and good in that rehearsal especially with the light and sound mixed in.

  2. After the tech run it personally made me feel like our performance was coming together properly, even as we are post-production now I find that I look at this as the turning point where confidence was finally at a level for all concerned in this wonderful piece.


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