Go Team Woyzeck!

More than anything I wanted to add a little note of thanks to you all! Its been a challenge to work in a large group, especially a group of 8. The throwing around of ideas and suggestions can something cause abit of a debate or conflict, and i’m sure there were a few moments of this. Generally I feel we all contributed some great ideas and we managed to listen to everyone and develop these into the performance. I have already mentioned how less-stressed I have felt for this module in particular, I think thats because we had an enthusiastic and commited team, even with 3 members of the group who commute everyday, so thank you to you guys who had the extra effort of travelling. I have throughly enjoyed this module and working with you guys =) What a fab performance, if im totally honest, I didn’t expect for our audience, particularly the tutors to be as impressed as they were. Not because I think the performance didnt involve a lot of be impressed with. I guess seeing the performance from an outsiders point of view creates a whole different perspective. Being involved in the process removes the element of mystery and anticpation in comparison to first time spectator. Which is why I think the promenade was so successful. The audience can engage with the action and literallymove with the play. This adds a whole new dimension to the theatrical experience in comparison to what is usually expected when you prepare to watch a play.

Looking foward to working with you again soon. In the mean time, have a relaxing reading week!

Amie =)

2 thoughts on “Go Team Woyzeck!

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, 8 people? What were we thinking? But we pulled it off really well, go team! Although it would be interesting to have a smaller cast for this piece to see how it would work to multi-role. I was also surprised at the audience and tutors reaction, but I think, like you say, for us as the actors we didn’t have the element of the unknown. The promenade, for me, worked really well and I would love to continue this onto Theatre Company, it would be hard work, but I think we could do it. As a static piece on one stage I think it would get quite boring and the scene changes would have to be quick and may be messy. I think when an audience isn’t expecting a promenade performance for a play then it is exciting and interesting to get one. Thanks for all the hard work and effort over the last few weeks guys, has been a pleasure working with you all.

    See you in a week 🙂


    1. Not only 8 actors but also a difficult task when you consider the approach of gender. It is unfortunate that this play is very male oriantated and left the girls with fewer options for roles. This being said though I believe we pulled it off perfectly and I am looking forward to seeing what we can all achieve with the finished piece. As for the idea of a promenade I will admit that it did not appeal to me at first but over these last few weeks I can see how we could really present something special for our theatre piece.

      Lets get some well deserved rest this week guys (but not too lazy 🙂 )


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