Doctor! Doctor!

I must admit I started off with the wrong idea for the Doctor’s characterisation. I took the character to be a comical ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ who would be naturally awkward around others. But through the rehearsals this came to change. The character was to become more sinister and confident with his elaborate use of language.

Watching the film and continuous reading of the play started to change my mind about my first impressions of the Doctor. He uses aggressive language towards Woyzeck, and even speaks confidently to the Captain. He uses his knowledge to his strength, as no-one else seems to know what he is talking about with regards to the Latin words he uses. Rachel also noticed the more sinister side of the Doctor and so directed me to play him in a creepy and sinister way.

The character was then split into two due to the fact that there were not enough strong women parts in the play. I would be sharing the character with Amie. We looked at how their relationship would be and decided that they could be a husband and wife figure, both correcting and interrupting each other. We felt that this could continue on to Theatre Company where the two Doctor characters could end up having what the cast call a ‘Latin-off’ where each character would attempt to say the most and the longest Latin word.


2 thoughts on “Doctor! Doctor!

  1. You guys had an excellent back and forth in that scene, I particularly liked that you were both on diffrent levels in more than one way, not only the use of the window positioned above but as completely differing personas. I liked that the doctor in the window was more emotionally driven and quite manic and seemed as pschological terror whereas the doctor on the ground was very cold and has a scientific interest that far outreached humane practice and seemed almost physically draining (in this case forcing him to eat only peas)

    Well done guys


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