No Pictures!

Hey guys,

Does anyone know who the dude with the camera was taking pictures all the way through our performance? I wish I’d remembered sooner because, if they’re any good, we could stick them up here!

I think the pictures would have shown us off the effects of how we created an atmosphere pretty well. They’d also be great for marketing our show for Theatre Company.

Any thoughts? 


4 thoughts on “No Pictures!

  1. Thanks chaps.
    He definately took pictures of our shaving scene. However, it seems too late to sort this out now. Curses!
    At least good old Jimmy took some good pictures (of everyone else, I look like a berk).

  2. I looked on the Buchner groups blog and on there media page they have uploaded pictures from the performance. The guys name is Phil Crow. I have tryed searching for him on here and on facebook, but I cant actually remember what he looks like. Also, did he actually photograph our performance. If not Jimmy has some photos from the tech rehearsal. I asked him to put them up, but he askjed yet =(

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