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The first chat we had about the play

Dramaturgey(blog two) This was the first initial chat after we chose which performance we could do. It shows some ideas that actually made it to the final cut, for instance the idea of making the performance Promenade. (Please ignore the banter and the other groups talking because I wasn’t able to trim and cut it)

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Doctor scene

Radiator (doctor scene) This is the piece of music I chose for the examination of Woyzeck because of two reasons, the first being that it is an instrumental so there will be no cross chatter between the performance and the audio and secondly because it has a feel of almost unemotional mechanical-ism.

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Woyzeck meets Dr Caligari.

The 1920 silent horror movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is widely regarded as the film that kick started the whole Horror genre and most certainly the Expressionist movement in German cinema.  It was written by the two young writers Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer between them they came up with a script that was strongly […]

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leading up to lighting

For the lighting, we had to take into account, where we were going to set and place in the building, our 15 minute excerpt of Woyzeck. We decided on a promenade style of performance, as this felt most natural when we read through the fragmented scenes chosen. Unfortunately, this then presented a problem for lighting […]

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Research – Woyzeck: Diagnosis of his illness.

Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is a long-term mental health condition that causes a range of different psychological symptoms. These include: hallucinations – hearing or seeing things that do not exist delusions – unusual beliefs that are not based on reality and often contradict the evidence muddled thoughts based on the hallucinations or delusions changes in behaviour Doctors describe schizophrenia […]

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