Rehearsals W/C 21/02/11

With the extra rehearsals outside of our scheduled Dramaturgy sessions we have come along leaps and bounds. We have been able to meet alot more regularly enabling us to really crack on with the rehearsal process.

This week we have started to work with bits of props and costume, this has been especially important for our opening scene (Shaving scene) This was a great chance for Braden and Martyn to pratice working with the props and experiment with the timing of the scene.

Everyone has now learned there lines!…perhaps a few slips/reminders here and there but a good effort all the same. This has made a real difference to the rehearsals and we can now all forget about flicking through/ holding the script and really start to focus on the details of the play such as blocking and characterisation. We can also start to concentrate on the meaning of the lines and the context of each scene and how this might reflect on our overall interpretation/vision of the play. It is also important for us to consider (from an audiences perspective) how easy it is to follow and understand the performance, when taking into account the disjointed nature of the script.

We have had very beneficial week with regards to rehearsals and sessions with the whole Dramaturgy group. We had the chance to present some of our work and it was great opportunity to receive some feedback from an outsiders point of view. Looking foward to our Sunday evening rehearsal (hopefully an empty LPAC!) giving us the chance to use the space without any distractions…I guess thats promenade theatre for you.

Onwards and upwards for the Woyzeck team!


Woyzeck Theme

I have had a look at some potential themes for the blog. Two themes I thought might look good are ‘Black Glass’ and ‘Sleek Black’…

However, Although we cant change the picture on our current blog, could that not pass for a picture of Woyzeck and Marie? I really like the layout of the blog at the moment and im worried that changing the theme now might mess everything up. Also the colours are quite nice on this one. Shall we just keep the theme we have?

Thanks, Amie.


Martyn Horner-Glister; Captain and Sergeant.

Martyn is 28 and has been seen in many roles in amateur productions in his home town of Gainsborough at The Old Nick Theatre playing such roles as Beauregard (Darker Shores)Brandon (Rope) Antonio (Strictly Flamenco) It was here at The Old Nick Theatre that he ran the company’s Mirror Image Youth Theatre for 10 years.

At Lincoln University Martyn has also been seen in roles  including; Malvolio (Twelfth Night), Stanley (A Streetcar Named Desire), The Sportsman and An Actor (Uranium 235) and most recently as Torvald Helmer in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. He has also done some audio work for a student original animated production of Self-Centaured.

Aaron Brown; Drum major, Jew and Sound organiser

Aaron is 23 and has been involved in many student productions spanning from mid childhood until the presant  day. He has worked on the stage and in front of camera as well as being involved in effects and editing work.

Recent work includes Voice acting for various Audio production works at the University of Lincoln and occasionally working backstage for productions including tech work and lighting as well as university productions of A Clockwork Orange (Alex), Oh What a Lovely War (Russia, Irish soldier & Generals), Macbeth (Banquo) and in Waiting For Goddot as a directorial role.

 Amie Connor; Margeret and Doctor 2.

Amie is 21 and in her second year studying Drama at Lincoln University.  Amie has been involved in a variety of acting fields including stage, film and radio.  As well as being seen in many roles concerning university assessment performances  including Maria – Twelfth Night, Ma Ubu – Ubu Roi and Cecily – The Importance of Being Ernest, she also particpated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 as a member of The Lincoln Company peforming in Blood Brothers as Linda and The Man Who Fell Out of Bed as Daisy.

Amie has recently been involved in an international tour to Poland inwhich she performed at the Imka Theatre as the character Linda in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers.


Braden Guy; Woyzeck

Braden is 21 and is in his second year of university studying Drama at The Lincoln School of Performing Arts. Braden started off by organising and directing variety shows all in the name of charity and then moved onto armature dramatics. He now works part time as part of the tech crew for the Lpac in Lincoln. Recently he has been in such productions as The Blue Room, The Twelfth Night, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and Uranium 235.



Sally Nix; The Showman

Sally is 19, studying drama at the University of Lincoln. During her school life she performed as an actor, singer, and dancer, and is in the middle of studying towards the last exam for a teaching qualification in tap dancing.

Productions she’s been involved in have included Oh What A Lovely War at college, where she was choreographer and assistant director, deviser and narrator in The Surfboard Theatre, a devised performance for the university at the Mablethorpe Bathing Beauties Festival, and many other productions for her course. Sally has also been involved in working backstage with the Lpac crew, and at the moment is working with her dance school in the role of lighting designer for their next show.

Kirsty Barnes; Marie

Kirsty is 23 and in her second year of University studying Drama. Kirsty has taken part in various performances since the beginning of her time at University, these include: The Tempest, Slag, Uranium 235, Oh What A Lovely War and Trifles.

During her time at college, Kirsty took part in and devised a performance which was organised and funded by the Department for Education, to encourage young people to not be gender biased when making their choices for further education, concerning the 14 – 19 diplomas. The production was then toured around schools in May 2009.


Jimmy Morehouse; Doctor 1, Andres

Jimmy is 20 years of age and is studying Drama at the Lincoln School of Performing Arts. He has performed in various productions since coming to Lincoln, he has played roles such as Malvolio in Twelfth Night, The Puppet Master in Uranium 235 and Vladimir in Waiting For Godot.

Jimmy has also been involved in productions outside of his course such as pantomimes and musicals; he has run drama workshops for young children and performed a period piece at the Bury Theatre Royal.