Lighting Update.

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on where we are with lighting, though without giving too much away.

Due to the promenade form of our Dramaturgy piece, specific, designed lighting had to be kept to a minimum. This meant that the only space that we could really design special lighting for the piece in is at the end, with the last two scenes in studio two. However, due to the nature of the piece, even that is proving interesting. This is because of the many factors that need to be taken into account when designing the lighting, such as blocking, the space itself, the audience’s position and the physical amount of lights available. As Rachel, our director, has already mentioned, we’re using white material to curtain off the performance space, giving the performance a clinical feel such as you’d get in a hospital. These white curtains may be used to great effect in the actual performance, if the lighting reflects the grotesque, yet clinical feel of the piece.

And that is all the taster you’re getting for now.

Cheer-i-o for now.