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Costume Inspiration

These were a few pictures I came across when looking into some costume ideas. Most of them are taken from Werner Herzog’s film Woyzeck, but it gave us a good insight to the style/colour we needed base our costume on. Some of the pictures are some examples of how other productions used costume. It was […]

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Doctor! Doctor!

I must admit I started off with the wrong idea for the Doctor’s characterisation. I took the character to be a comical ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ who would be naturally awkward around others. But through the rehearsals this came to change. The character was to become more sinister and confident with his elaborate use of language. […]

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The dramaturg within our group…

I feel I have learned a lot about dramaturgy and the role of the dramaturg. Which is something I had no idea about at the beginning. In fact, I hadn’t even heard the term. Although know one took of the specific role of the dramaturg, we all contributed to the developing of ideas and the […]

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No Pictures!

Hey guys, Does anyone know who the dude with the camera was taking pictures all the way through our performance? I wish I’d remembered sooner because, if they’re any good, we could stick them up here! I think the pictures would have shown us off the effects of how we created an atmosphere pretty well. They’d […]

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Prop List

Hopefully, I have been able to upload an image of the prop list we used for Dramaturgy. This just features the scenes we decided to perform for this module. I do have a larger prop list for the rest of the play. “Logic is served when characters use properties to carry out the story or […]

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