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Theatre Review: Woyzeck – Georg Buchner

Woyzeck Review by Tim Berendse Deutsches Theater, Berlin 07/09/2010 As Georg Büchner lay on his deathbed on the 19th February 1837 in his Zurich exile at only 23 years old, he left an unfinished, unread play that would one day be called ‘Woyzeck’. This new adaptation at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin is by Robert Wilson, […]

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The role of the dramaturg…

The role of the Dramaturg? What actually is a Dramaturg? The dramaturg has many different jobs or roles, the role within the company is usually dependant on the nature of the organisation. A production within an organisation involves a network of people working together. The dramaturg is sometimes used as the productions mediator, otherwise described […]

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Woyzeck Character Development

On this part of the blog I will be describing the process that I have gone through to get my version of the character Woyzeck. Starting from my first initial ideas about how I could play the character, how those have developed and how I aim to develop them further. At first when the play […]

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Past Productions and soundscapes……

In our production we have decided to focus on the main character Woyzeck and centralize the audiences experience to reflect his inner thoughts and fears, even his decent into insanity. I felt that the sound of the production should also fit into this edict, this however seems to be different to traditional and even modern […]

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What If…

Further to the comments left on my earlier post on the great poem If, I’ve been doing some thinking.  As our piece is to be performed in a promenade style I think it would be a great idea to have certain words and phrases from the poem stuck up around the building as we perform. […]

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