What If…

Further to the comments left on my earlier post on the great poem If, I’ve been doing some thinking.

 As our piece is to be performed in a promenade style I think it would be a great idea to have certain words and phrases from the poem stuck up around the building as we perform. If we couple this with the idea of weaving in certain words and lines of the poem into the play text, I think this would work on a level that would affect the audience on a subconscious level – they may not even notice the words on the walls.

 Prime example, at least for Dramaturgy and selfishly for me, would be in the shaving scene where we talk about time being wasted. The Captain could utter ‘Fill the unforgiving minute’.

 Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Well, we stuck words and phrases up all about the place. I wonder if anyone noticed? I slipped in the line about the unforgiving minute during the performance (admittedly with a mouth and nose full of shaving foam – MR GUY!!) and I know they were picked up on.

    Perhaps in the future performance we could make more of these words, making bigger banners to stick around the place and give the occasional hint toward them in our performances.

    One for future discussion, certainly.

  2. Sounds good to me, plus it would help with development into making this our own production. Possibly keep the poem in english though as most of the audience wont speak German.


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