Sound Ideas…

*Circus Music*

We hope to involve some use of sound in our performance in order to help create atmosphere and provide our audience with a clearer understanding of the setting of each scene as we guide them through our performance with our promenade technique. However, because of the use of promenade we are still working on the practicality of using sound, especially when taking scene transistions into consideration.

With the mystery of not knowing how bigger audience we get, the smoothness of transistions bewteen scenes will be very dependant on the size of our audience. It would be hard to judge when to stop any music/sound especially if  (for example) the scene working its way up the staircase, some audience members who are first to lead, and have reached the top of the stairs, and some audiences, who are last to lead are still at the bottom of the stairs…Unless obviously if we had a personal sound opperator who wasn’t performing!…Well clearly ive just solved my own problem. O’well! =)

I suggest some circus type sounds effects for the stair case scene, unless Jimmy…You can create some circus type themes and/or clashy, atonal chords on Kirstys Yuke?

Im sure Mr.Sound Man Aaron will have more to add to this page =)


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